Art by Joe Click​

Art by Joe Click

​​"Jesse Wilkes is a singer/songwriter who has been chugging along either in groups or solo since writing his first song at 15. He has released a couple of records, his most recent being "Panacea For Life-Live". Currently writing his next album, presumably after he gets done writing this bio. Also, Jese has an interview today, so wish him some non-temporal good luck, seeing as you are more likely than not reading this paragraph after the date of said interview, unless you are quite adept at time manipulation, in which case be careful. I hear that can be rather dangerous stuff. Anywho, Jese is always looking to book shows (both solo and backing up Little Bohemian Lodge) and stylistically lies somewhere between cow-punk and aggressive folk. For people with punk rock sensibilities and in need of some honesty in their lives, preferably the kind you can stomp your feet to." 

Review by WOUB in Athens, OH

My Music

​"May We Lead Lives of Merit"

1. Running Right  $1.00 

2. Home for the Holidays $1.00

3. Stab $1.00

4. Dead Heart (home is where the hawk is) $1.00

5. Stories Cure Nitemares (the engineer's device)$1.00

6. The Change (take my love) $1.00

7. Run Prisoner, Please $1.00

8. Deserve This $1.00

9.  Cherish it Al l$1.00

10. Blueprint (FUGAZI cover, used with permission) $1.00

11. Waterdown $1.00

12. Supposed Samantha $1.00

"May We Lead Lives of Merit"Whole Album $10.00

Photo by Kimberly Roush

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