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Big Announcement!

Posted by Andrew Gibson · November 4, 2014 at 10:10pm


First off we would like to thank the artists that are using us for their digital distribution. Second our Friday night showcase on Roundtown Radio is a huge hit. We encourage bands and artists to keep sending us your music and live dates to share with our more that 27,000 listeners! Remember to send in 3 or more songs if you would like to be a Featured Artist of the Week.


When we started the we had one thing in mind, being musicians ourselves we were looking for a way to get our music out to the world with out breaking the bank, be allowed to compete on a level playing field, and not get lost in a sea of artists and bands already at the next level. was established in 2011 to give independent musicians a place to upload their music and have a place where fans can easily find them. In addition Artists have enjoyed a generous 50/50 split with no hidden fees. With that being said, we are proud to announce we are upping the payout split to 60/40 to better help the Artists. We are also now opening up our service to musicians everywhere, not just those from Ohio. 


We would also like to announce we are adding a referral program in the next couple of months to help spread the word and put some extra cash in your pockets. Stay tuned for details on that.


If you are an Independent Musician and would like to see what we have to offer, head over to


Thank You,

Andrew Gibson                                                                                                                                                                                  





In 1993 Chillicothe’s First Hometown Album was released to benefit Rock for Tots. A
follow-up was planned for the following year, but not released.


Now 20 years later, is pleased to announce they are reviving the Chillicothe Hometown Album! In addition to the release of the album in March of 2014, there will be a series of shows held at the historic Majestic Theatre, March 2014. These concerts will showcase the performers featured on the 2014 Hometown Album.


Proceeds from the album and show will benefit The Majestic Theatre.



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